Top 5 Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes are instantly rising up with the popularity as more users have now become aware about this healthier smoking alternative. This alternative nicotine delivery system is available for the first time that relatively simulates a real sense of smoking experience. Millions of people now are trying to believe this alternative to count their lives being saved permanently. This electronic cigarette is appearing into a very promising factor which is already revolutionizing the complete way of smoking. Here we are accounting for the top ten facts about the electronic cigarettes.

1.      How close to the actual sense is it?

Very similar, it is enough to satisfy the millions of hardcore smokers around the world. There are many research reports of users who deal with 2-3 pack a day habit is now completely switching over to electronic cigarettes everlastingly.

2.      How safe it is?

While comparing the normal cigarette, the proportion of tobacco smoke is fractioned into the 4,000 toxic chemicals, electronic cigarette smoking has indulged with none of these as there is no real smoke involved.

3.      Can Electronic Cigarette help to relinquish smoking?

The electronic cigarette is not marketed as the actual smoking cessation devices, it is just meant to be used by the users who are looking for a definite alternative that they can use anywhere. Consequently, the common sense indicates the potential part of the sensible smoking resisting programs.

4.      Is it affiliated with the FDA?

The electronic cigarettes are a nicotine delivery electronic device that doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of FDA right now.

5.      Why are certain collaborates so opposed to electronic cigarettes?


As certain collaborations may have some unrestricted factors in their mind, required more clinical researches to be done in place to find a financial interest in figuring out the most excellent way to capitalize on what they are probably going to establish a billion dollar industry very soon.

However, it is relatively a new device that is just embellishing the most acquainted public awareness by the lots of beneficial surroundings that has adjoined with the electronic cigarettes. It is safe and able to help you to quit your smoking habits in a short while, which has been proved with the time & go! These all are levelheaded questions that need to be inter-associated with your mind in sequence of making an intelligent decision, whether, it is something that you could benefit in the most promising ways or not.